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Elvis’ Palm Springs Story

Ever wondered what connection Elvis Presley has to Palm Springs? Like, why is he honored at the Palm Springs Walk of Stars? Was he really a resident of the Coachella Valley? What songs did he write here?

As a limousine service in California’s oasis, we often get questions about Palm Springs’ connection to the rich and famous. For we all know the city has an extensive celebrity history! From three U.S. Presidents, Marilyn Monroe and Snoop Dogg, the city has been a long-favored hangout for the famous. Celebrities and vacationers alike are continuously visiting this desert oasis, famed for its natural mineral springs, sunny weather and beautiful landscape.

Limo services often transfer these celebs, and therefore know a lot about the city’s prestigious and prominent celebrity residents. However, many limousine clients ask us questions about former big residents such as Frank Sinatra and the Presley’s. That is why today’s blog article is solely dedicated to The King’s story in the desert.


Elvis Rents A Home

Elvis’ first visit to the city happened during a visit to his manager’s home, Colonel Tom Parker. Elvis- and Priscilla Presley first rented an Alexander mansion here in 1966. The 1960 estate, which is 5,500 sq. ft. and sits on about an acre, has since become a popular tourist destination in town. Surrounded by palm lined gardens, the mansion has no less than 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Constructed by architect William Krisel in the early 60s, the Presley’s liked the villa so much that they decided to extend the lease for another year.

Honeymoon Period

Nicknamed the “House of Tomorrow”, his estate in the oasis was an ideal honeymoon location for the Presleys. After getting married in all secrecy in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967, the couple escaped into Frank Sinatra’s limousine before heading straight to Palm Springs. The Presleys subsequently spent their honeymoon period in town. Why Coachella Valley? The Presleys liked the feeling of a small town full of stars. As explained in Palm Springs Life: You might see Bob Hope at a diner and the Presleys could go shopping in public. No one would bother them, despite his worldwide fame.

Named ‘the desert’s top place to get your photo taken’ by The Desert Sun, the estate has been featured on Travel Channel, Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, Forbes, and others. The modernist and spacious villa was put for sale in 2017, listed for $5.9 million. The over 1.2-acre property includes two bars, a swimming pool, tennis courts and a private fruit tree garden. The home is located at 1350 Ladera Circle and is a common limousine destination for our services.

Elvis’ Return

Lesser known is the fact that the King of Rock & Roll returned after his time of renting. Three years later, in 1970, the Presleys bought a residence at 845 W. Chino Canyon. This was the location where he recorded a number of songs, including “Are You Sincere” (1973) and “Sweet Angeline” (1973). The residence, which was purchased for $105,000, had been designed in 1946 and sat on a nearly 2-acre lot. The house, which was originally 3,500 sq. ft., was later expanded to a total of 5,000 sq. ft. when the King installed his own sauna and hangout room. Priscilla and Elvis got divorced in ’73, but the property stayed in the family until it was sold in the 1980s.

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Meeting the residential requirements for the Walk of Stars, Elvis received a star on the famed Walk of Stars, which can be observed at the southwestern corner of Palm Canyon Dr. and Taquitz.

Our limousine services offer general transportation as well as customized celebrity tours of the city. Why not go for a limo tour of famous residences? Elvis is alive and well in the city of Springs!

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