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NEW: Brothel Re-Opens in Palm Springs!

a-palm-springs-provider-of-limo-services-2017Palm Springs most famous and legendary brothel re-opens in Morongo Valley! But this time the Willie Boys Saloon won’t house prostitutes as it did in the past, but rather be the home of a saloon/restaurant and also a brand new limo service! This authentic and historic Old West saloon was once an operating brothel, then later a prison where “Wild Bill” Hickok amongst others were held, before becoming a steak- and burger house. Once again visitors are able to visit the famous saloon for unforgettable memories to be made. But who was the legendary Willie Boy?

Born in Twenty Nine Palms in today’s San Bernadino County, 23 miles west of Palm Springs and long before the time of limo services, Willie Boy was a Piute-Chemehuevi Indian that spent his life in the Mohave Desert. He was raised by his aunts and much of his life story remains unknown until age 28. In 1909 when Willie Boy was 27 the true legend of him really begins. He fell in love with a sixteen year old Indian girl, Lolita, the daughter of Mike Boniface. But as they were distant cousins the Indian law prohibited them from getting married, and her father would do anything in his power to keep them apart. The two would escape only to find her father hunting them down at gunpoint to separate them and bring his daughter home again. When Lolita and her family went to Banning, CA in September of 1909, Willie Boy decided to tag along and look for work in Banning. Willie Boy was a heavy drinker and had been imprisoned earlier for drunkenness, and on September 26th of 1909, Willie Boy killed Mike Boniface and took his beloved Lolita for an escape throughout the Mohave Desert. Follow in the footsteps of Lolita and Willie Boy with limos for rent!

willie-boys-saloon-morongo-valley-californiaPursued by numerous posses from the Morongo Reservation, Willie Boy was furious that Lolita wouldn’t keep up with the escape and rather slowed him down on his escape from the law. The posses would later found fourteen year-old Lolita killed with a single gunshot in the back. The manhunt for Willie Boy was intensified. The next month, on October the 7th, he laid a trap for his posses on Ruby Mountain in the San Bernadino Mountains. Here he killed three of their horses and nearly killed sheriff Charlie Reche of Riverside. Native-American tracker John Hyde was also seriously wounded when he tried to escape, fell and broke several of his ribs. The hunt for Willie Boy got particularly big following and interest when President William H. Taft vacationed in Riverside a few days later. Despite the wanted man in reality was over sixty miles away from the president, the national media was intrigued by stories of the president vacationing in the nearby area of a dangerous runaway criminal. Days later the sheriff of Riverside County brought several of his men back to Ruby Mountain to look for wounded and see if Willie Boy was still around on the mountain. But no ambush awaited them at Ruby Mountain, but instead they would discover Willie Boy deceased, killed by his own rifle after committing suicide. He was cremated on the mountain on October 15th, 1909. His grave is still occasionally visited by limo- and party bus clients with a love of history. The San Bernadino Mountains have long been a popular destination, where we for instance often serve clients to the cabins of Big Bear Lake and other mountain communities. You can also follow the footsteps of the famous outlaw on Temecula wine tours or on a limousine ride from Southern California to Las Vegas, crossing the Mohave Desert.

We offer Temecula wine tours, night outs, airport service and much more!

The story of Willie Boy has given its story to numerous films, TV-series, songs and more. The novel Willie Boy: A Desert Manhunt (1960) and the Hollywood-production Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (1969) is just a few of the many recounts of the legend, often called “the last great manhunt in the Old West.” So why not come by the Willie Boys Saloon to learn some more while you’re reserving your Palm Springs limousine ride? His grave monument with the title “the Old West’s Last Manhunt” can still be visited, even though it’s located on a remote location, thirteen miles northwest of Yucca Valley at 34°17’30.0″N 116°32’15.0”W. Would you prefer taking a limousine or party bus to his place of birth? The Chemehuevi Native American village is said to be located at the location of the Twentynine Palms Inn in 29 Palms, California.

Whether to visit his grave, birthplace in Twentynine Palms, or places of work in Joshua Tree, Morongo- and Yucca Valley, a Palm Springs limousine ride through the Old West will make you relive the story of one of the most famous manhunts in Southern California. In the film Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (1969) you may recognize numerous nearby areas. The film was partially filmed in Palm Springs, Whitewater, Riverside, Banning and Joshua Tree. We have had airport sedan service clientele telling us various different accounts of his life. Some even doubt he ever committed suicide, but that he rather escaped to Las Vegas or Arizona. We have also had clients using our limo services that have questioned whether he was guilty in the first place. In other words, the legend of Willie Boy lives on and keeps many of us interested. Limos for rent in Willie Boy Country will not let you down!


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